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State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe
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State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe.
Dr. Hubert Höfer

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Privacy Policy

Goal: this document seeks to inforDesign und Umsetzung:m users of the services made available by the organization on how we proceed with privacy and security policies. The InBioVeritas guarantees transparency and control on the use of personal information contained in its databases.


The InBioVeritas guarantees to identity safety and privacy to users of any of the services it offers in its website. Data such as name, address, and e-mail are protected and kept private in secure servers. However, the user should be aware that security measures regarding the internet are not completely infallible.

The InBioVeritas reserves the right to modify the present policy in order to adapt it to changes in legislation or jurisprudence, or those regarding commercial practices. In any case, the InBioVeritas will announce in its website, through this page, the changes made with a reasonable advance before they are put into effect. Users may exert their right of accessing, cancelling, rectifying, and opposing to, as well as have the right of obtaining information by contacting the InBioVeritas via the “contact” link.

Data Collection

Personal data collected by the InBioVeritas is subject to automatic treatment, being incorporated to the corresponding electronic personal data records, which the InBioVeritas will be the titular and responsible for. Data obtained and used by the InBioVeritas are part of this policy.

Use of information

The personal information provided by users will be used restrictedly by the InBioVeritas.

Data obtained and used by the InBioVeritas is part of this policy.

The InBioVeritas promises to:

• Promptly correct any changes related to the user’s personal data. For this, the user must inform us of any changes occurring in his data.

• Not disclose without prior authorization, in any instance, e-mails of users who register in pages where the providing of personal information is required.

• Allow the user to cancel, at any moment, the sending of e-mails containing information that has previously been requested.

• Not sell or disclose user data for ends that are not related to the actions by the InBioVeritas.

The InBioVeritas adopts as a policy the commitment not to disclose information on the access by its users, unless it is forced to do so by a warrant or strictly following legal rules. The InBioVeritas website may offer hyperlinks/addresses to other internet sites belonging to third parties. The InBioVeritas is not responsible for privacy policies of the sites accessed via the aforementioned links.

The InBioVeritas website may, occasionally, record data files, also known as “cookies” in the user’s computer. With these files, each page accessed by you might be personalized, making the navigation more interesting and agile. However, the deactivation of the installation of these files by your browser is possible, if you so desire, even if you continue to use the services provided by our website.